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Rothenberg called Mourinho Jose Marino and Ferguson's translator

The head coach of the St. Petersburg club SKA Roman Rotenberg compared himself to the football coach Jose Mourinho, but made a mistake in the biography of the Portuguese and called him "Jose Marino". Video from the press conference after Rotenberg's first match at the head of SKA was posted on the club's YouTube channel.

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Video: HC SKA Rotenberg was asked why he decided to work as a head coach, because with his colossal capabilities he could become anyone. “Do you know how Jose Marino started to work? He was a regular translator for Alex Ferguson. He absorbed all of Ferguson's techniques and became a very successful coach. There are a lot of such coaches in history, ”Rotenberg replied.

“This is my life, it gives me the opportunity to develop and be better every day than yesterday. I'm just trying to work, develop, ”added Rotenberg.

In fact, Mourinho early in his career was a translator for another English coach, Bobby Robson, at Portuguese Sporting and Porto. He later became Robson's assistant at Barcelona. With Ferguson, Manchester United's longtime head coach, the Portuguese has never worked on the same team.

Rotenberg was appointed head coach of SKA on 4 December. In the first match after the appointment, the St. Petersburg club beat Kunlun with a score of 5: 1.

For Rotenberg, this is his first experience as the official head coach of a hockey club. Last season, he replaced Valery Bragin in several matches when he was sick. Rotenberg has four other positions in the club - vice president, deputy chairman of the board of directors, CEO and chief of staff.

Rothenberg called Mourinho Jose Marino and Ferguson's translator