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This is possible only in Russia. Reactions to Rotenberg's appointment to SKA

Valery Bragin, senior coach of HC SKA

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“During the last month we tested the option when Roman Borisovich acts as the head coach, and it all worked, there is a result. Therefore, it was decided to consolidate this state of affairs and formally. I will continue to work as a senior coach. The headquarters are facing serious tasks: on the one hand, it is necessary to bring the candidates to the Olympic squad to the peak of their form, on the other, to bring the team to the playoffs in an optimal state. It is important to maintain a balance and achieve a solution to both problems, ”the press service of the SKA hockey club quoted Bragin as saying.

Andrey Nikolishin, Olympic champion and world ice hockey champion

“I am no longer surprised by anything that happens around Rotenberg. I don't even want to think about where this will lead. There is nothing hockey behind this decision. This is possible only in Russia, "Nikolishin told the Championship.

Vyacheslav Fetisov, two-time Olympic champion

“Congratulations to Roman on his appointment. It can be seen that everything has been going for a long time. Another point is important here - now he must leave his posts in the FHR and the KHL. The conflict of interest in this case is simply evident. I don’t know what decision the FHR and the KHL will make, but this is an unacceptable story. Therefore, if Rotenberg consciously decided to become a coach, then he must leave all his other positions. How correct is this decision? Ask this question to the SKA Board of Directors. Wait and see. Now all that remains is to wish Roman good luck, ”the Sport24 portal quotes Fetisov.

In the State Duma, the words “it will be interesting” assessed the appointment of Rotenberg to SKA Hockey Boris Rotenberg, vice president of the Russian Judo Federation, president of FC Sochi, father of Roman Rotenberg

“This is his choice and responsibility. He made his choice. Roman grew up in a coaching family. Therefore, I think that he should succeed, "Rotenberg told Sport Express.

Rene Fasel, Honorary President of the International Ice Hockey Federation

“You can compare Rotenberg with Jose Mourinho, who never played football as a professional, but became a great coach. You know, good players don't always become good coaches. Moreover, most of the great coaches were not hockey stars. The great Wayne Gretzky tried to become a coach but did not succeed at Phoenix. The novel was born in hockey. He's a typical hockey guy. I respect him for his decision today. When you become a coach, you go into the firing line. Rotenberg knows the game and loves it passionately. Now he has done a very brave act, "Fazel said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

Boris Mikhailov, with the words “the time has come”, assessed Rotenberg's appointment to SKA Hockey Vladislav Tretyak, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation

“He's not the first year in the team, he is very closely involved in it. This is a great responsibility, but if Rotenberg takes on it, it means that he feels strong in himself. He has a good headquarters, an experienced adviser Valery Bragin, "RIA Novosti quotes Tretyak.

Dmitry Svishchev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports

“Roman is a well-known sports functionary. For a long time he has been one of the leading top managers of the national team and has managed to establish himself as a high-level manager. Therefore, in my opinion, with Roman SKA will rise to a higher level than the team is now. I am sure that his experience in business will allow him to achieve great heights in hockey and will benefit such a large club as SKA. It will be interesting, "Svishchev told RBC Sport

Boris Mikhailov, eight-time world ice hockey champion as part of the USSR national team

“Roman Rotenberg has been in hockey for a long time. For two years now, he was part of the coaching staff and was on the bench with the team. Apparently, the SKA management decided that it was time to become a head coach. This appointment was expected. Will SKA be able to claim victory in the KHL after this appointment? Nobody knows what will happen. Everything will show the result, "Mikhailov said in a conversation with RBC Sport.

From functionary to coach of the KHL club: Roman Rotenberg's career in sports Hockey Vladimir Plyushchev, ex-coach of the Russian national team“Half of our specialists in the KHL work without serious coaching experience. Roman Borisovich has been managing the team since the beginning of the season, so no one doubted that he was in charge. Now he has been officially appointed ahead of the playoffs. Apparently, the leaders of the club considered that the main person in the team should be one person, so that there were no discrepancies, disagreements related to the reading of a particular game moment and, in general, decision-making. Roman Borisovich graduated from the high school of coaches in Omsk. He has been at the club for a long time and managed to work with many specialists. A person strove for this, prepared himself, did everything possible in this direction. It's hard to say what will happen next. Playoffs are ahead. This is a good opportunity to test all personal and coaching qualities. SKA has passed the crisis and can now fight for the Gagarin Cup, "Plushev told RBC Sport.

Alexander Kozhevnikov, two-time Olympic champion

“The board of directors appointed him. It was not Rotenberg who appointed himself. So they know something. Everything has been going towards this for a long time. Nothing supernatural happened. Rothenberg has done good things. He brought something new to hockey, brought back the "Red Car" (a training program for Russian hockey players aged 6 to 16. Includes various manuals and video tutorials for novice players and coaches. Was presented by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation in 2019. - RBC). He has a lot of ideas, charisma. You have to notice the good. Young people develop under him, ”Kozhevnikov said in a conversation with the“ Championship ”.

This is possible only in Russia. Reactions to Rotenberg's appointment to SKA