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KazTag: police car exploded in Almaty

Police cars are on fire in Almaty. They were previously defeated by protesters, KazTag Telegram channel reports.

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As reported, about four cars of law enforcement officers are on fire, another one exploded.

According to KazTag, the protesters tried to bypass the police barricades from the rear, but they were pushed out of there with the help of stun grenades.

Earlier it became known that about 1000 protesters gathered at the Republic Square in Almaty

On Tuesday, protesters clashed with police in several cities of Kazakhstan.

In the west of Kazakhstan, for several days, mass protests have not subsided due to the rise in prices for liquefied gas. Since the New Year, the cost of gas at local gas stations has increased dramatically. If last year its retail price in this region was 50-60 tenge per liter (about 10 rubles), then since the beginning of this year prices at local gas stations have increased to 120 tenge per liter (about 21 rubles).

KazTag: police car exploded in Almaty