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Trigger of internal dissatisfaction. Why people are sad on New Years

In the face of summing up the past year, some people tend to feel upset. I learned from psychologists that in modern society several factors lead to a bad mood on the background of the holidays: internal dissatisfaction for the year against the background of the success of other people, as well as their own egocentrism and lack of semantic guidelines. To avoid the New Year's depression, experts advise you to stop comparing yourself with anyone and “measure” your achievements, unconsciously belittling your own victories.

"Hiding from the New Year is more difficult"

Austrian psychiatrist and former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp Viktor Frankl in his observations stated that the highest mortality from natural causes among prisoners was observed precisely on the eve of Christmas. He attributed this to the fact that a person, seeing no future and no reason to move on against the background of severe exhaustion, simply gave up, like his body.

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Modern psychologists confirm that these assumptions are also relevant for the present time - before the New Year, people often get depressed and feel a sense of despair. This is due to the too sharp contrast between the general joyful mood and internal dissatisfaction with the unfulfilled tasks that the person set for himself 12 months ago. Against the background of the success of other people, this picture can cause negative emotions and, accordingly, lead to depression. Moreover, according to psychologist Marina Gladysheva, who specializes in helping adults, any holiday can act as a catalyst for such a state, but this behavior is especially manifested in the New Year.

“The holiday acts as a trigger for a person’s inner dissatisfaction, which in other periods he manages to hide from himself. Any other event can become the same trigger, but the New Year is celebrated everywhere, so it is more difficult to hide from it, and the state manifests itself more actively, ”she explained.

The head of the Center for Psychological Assistance, social psychologist Alexander Shakhov stressed that the problems of internal dissatisfaction that develop during the holidays may not disappear by themselves. As a result, they can lead a person not only to a long-term difficult emotional state, but also to neuroses. The reasons for this are largely due to the lack of meaning in life - people do not see a lofty goal, and difficulties become insurmountable. These sensations are similar to those experienced by prisoners, the specialist says.

“Many prisoners during the war did not escape precisely because of this. They were guarded by one sentry, and the prisoners themselves were dozens of times more, and they could defeat quantitatively. But they didn’t even try, closing in in their lack of freedom. And this feeling of lack of freedom is typical for many modern people due to the lack of semantic guidelines. Previously, they were given by religion, in the days of the USSR - by the state ideology, but now there are no such guidelines. Because of which there is no general satisfaction with life, ”Shakhov said.

"Narcissistic swing"

Psychologists believe that values ​​related to the place of residence are an important indicator of feelings of satisfaction. For example, in countries where the standard of living is low, people in disadvantaged conditions become more united - they have large families and a strong reliance on ethnicity and self-determination, that is, emotional support prevails over economic and everyday difficulties. As soon as a person's income increases, he begins to strive for individual achievements and becomes more selfish, which stratifies society, Shakhov suggests. This situation is aggravated by social networks, which give rise to the desire to be the best, not adequately perceiving their own goals and development.

“And the rest of the problems follow from this. Society in prosperous countries is built on competition and egocentrism. Family relationships do not become a priority, and everyone thinks only of themselves and their well-being. Selfishness, in turn, affects an increased feeling of loneliness, which also aggravates depression and frustration, ”the expert is convinced.

He is sure: despite the fact that the question of finding the meaning of life is philosophical, everyone can do it, and the answer will be individual, which will allow him to get out of the routine, the state of survival and the feeling of lack of freedom. Having decided on this, a person will stop falling into depression before the holidays, and in general.

The female psychologist Yana Valovaya also draws attention to the fact that it is precisely because of social networks that goals have appeared that are difficult to realize, not only within one year, but sometimes even throughout life.

“Few people take into account that images from social networks have little to do with reality, and the psyche perceives them as an example of an ideal life to strive for,” she said.

At the same time, people do not pay attention to neurotic consequences, since society does not consider them significant, adds gestalt therapist Anna Devyatka.

Trigger of internal dissatisfaction. Why people are sad on New Years