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All Renault models have risen in price in Russia since New Year

At the beginning of January, Renault cars of the 2022 model year rose in price by 5 to 55 thousand rubles. (0.4 - 3.5%), according to Autonews of the Day

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The prices of the most affordable models of the French brand - the Sandero hatchback and the Logan sedan (including those with Stepway variants) - increased by 15 thousand and 14 thousand rubles, respectively. Now Logan costs from 776 thousand rubles, and Sandero - from 884 thousand rubles.

Renault Arkana rose in price by 5 thousand to 45 thousand rubles, Kaptur - from 6 thousand to 26 thousand rubles, and Duster - from 10 thousand to 55 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration. In addition, all three crossovers have lost some trim levels, and Duster may stop producing in the basic version of Access. The number of offered versions has also decreased - like Logan and Sandero, as well as their Stepway versions.

The minimum price for Renault Duster is 1.15 million rubles, Kaptur will cost 100 thousand rubles. more expensive, and the basic Arkana costs more than 1.33 million rubles.

What will happen to car prices in 2022 - experts summed up the results of the year in the Russian market.

All Renault models have risen in price in Russia since New Year