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Rostov police officer sent his ex-wife a funeral wreath

Policeman Viktor Yankov from Rostov-on-Don sent his ex-wife a funeral wreath, according to the Don Mash Telegram channel.

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According to the injured girl, her ex-husband abused alcohol, beat her during pregnancies. On December 30, he promised to kill the girl and threatened his mother-in-law with a knife.

As a result, the girl ran away from home with her daughters to a safe place, leaving her belongings and documents, after which a funeral wreath was delivered to her house. In addition, according to her, she constantly receives anonymous threats from “Viktor's friends” on her phone.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Chuvash Republic is suspected of killing his wife out of jealousy. According to the investigation, the incident took place on December 22 in her mother's apartment in the city of Alatyr. The man was jealous of his wife, a quarrel arose between them, during which he inflicted "many blows with an ax on the head and other parts of the body." At the same time, the couple had two minor children. At the time of the crime, they were at school, and now they are with their grandmother.

The man was detained, a criminal case was opened on the fact of the incident.

Rostov police officer sent his ex-wife a funeral wreath