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It became known how Timchenko died, about whom the entire Murmansk village complained to Putin

A resident of the village of Umba in the Murmansk region spoke about the conflict in which crime boss Viktor Timchenko died on New Year's Eve.

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“It happened on New Year's Eve. Victor went to the village tree, bullying everyone. Was with a knife. Moved to one of our local. He said that his father would be raped, that he would crawl on his knees in front of him. The guy broke down and stabbed him. He himself then went to the police and surrendered. Young, he is 30 years old. Family, positive. Sorry for him. We understood that this (the murder of Viktor) would happen sooner or later, ”said a local resident.

According to her, Timchenko Jr., who "nightmared" the village, and his older brother Vladimir were constantly complained to law enforcement agencies. And in the summer of 2020, villagers even recorded two appeals to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We wrote everywhere. We also appealed to the president. We have the same horror of what is going on. The elder brother rapes men, although he is married. Many people get to the hospital afterwards with bleeding. The police come and do nothing. There is supposedly no evidence. How so? The youngest, Victor, is a coward, he made everyone a nightmare. We called him Bandera. He surrounded himself with weak-willed helpers, provoked conflicts and tried to remove from his path those who at least somehow tried to repulse him. Once I ran around the village with a grenade, and our police closed in the police station and did nothing. He beat his first wife so that she ran barefoot to the police to escape. The second also received it, ”added a resident of Umba.

The woman admitted that the news of the death of Viktor Timchenko made the whole village happy.

“Umba exhaled after his death. We were afraid, but now the fear is gone. Residents congratulate each other. But we still have some fears for our lives, ”said a local resident.

The fact that in the village of Umba, Murmansk region, Viktor Timchenko, who was considered a crime boss, died from knife wounds, the SeverPost agency reported earlier.

Local residents constantly complained about the killed man. Several appeals were addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The first was recorded in June 2020, then the president complained about the two Timchenko brothers, who imposed tribute on local residents and forced their fellow villagers to work. In addition, the authors of the video complained about beatings from the Timchenko brothers.

In the second video, recorded in July 2020, the authors complained about the inspectors from Murmansk who could not solve this problem - one of the authors, according to him, was then personally threatened by the brother of the deceased, Vladimir Timchenko.

It became known how Timchenko died, about whom the entire Murmansk village complained to Putin