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Former Kremlin chef dies

Former Kremlin chef Viktor Belyaev died in Yekaterinburg. Oleg Ponomarev, president of the regional Association of Culinary Specialists and Restaurateurs, wrote about this on Facebook.

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According to him, Belyaev died on Tuesday morning, January 4.

“This is an irreparable loss. I express my condolences to my family and friends. We mourn the entire professional community, ”Ponomarev said.

As noted in the National Association of Culinary Experts, Belyaev was a good mentor, an excellent colleague, an excellent friend, and also "the kindest chef."

“The most high-profile culinary events are associated with his name. He was a man without hypocrisy, correct and true to his work. And today all culinary specialists in Russia grieve that we have lost a truly great person, ”the association said.

Belyaev worked in the Kremlin for 30 years. First I was a cook. Subsequently, he rose to the CEO of the Kremlin food factory.

Earlier it was reported that the famous British chef Gurparit Baines, who promoted healthy food and Indian "superfood", died at the age of 45 from a sudden heart attack.

Former Kremlin chef dies