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Telegram crashed

Telegram users around the world claim that the messenger is experiencing disruptions. This is reported by the Downdetector portal.

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So, 45% of users complained about problems in the application. At the same time, 15% have difficulty sending messages. Another 40% of users reported problems connecting to the server.

Previously, Google and Spotify users reported major crashes. Almost half of users (49%) reported crashes when trying to access the Spotify app, 74% complained about poor performance of the Google app.

Before that, on October 4, there was a large-scale failure in the work of Facebook services, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - social networks and the messenger did not work for about 6 hours.

Following them, problems were noticed on TikTok and VKontakte. Then Gmail (Google's email service), Netflix and Zoom crashed.

Telegram crashed