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EU Taxonomy: Draft Nuclear and Gas Activities Law

By the middle of the year, the European Union can decide that nuclear power plants are “sustainable” - green, sustainable here in the context of sustainable development of “sustainable development” (also harmonious development, balanced development, i.e. when the development of society takes into account all factors and does not neglects anything, including ecology). The European Commission will issue a draft law by mid-January, which will be considered by the European Parliament within several months. Gas is less fortunate and they are ready to recognize it as green only if it comes from renewable sources (that is, biogas, and not any, but especially clean). If a decision is made in Europe, a new renaissance of the nuclear industry may begin, since the understanding has matured in Europe that it will not be possible to step into a bright green future without the nuclear power industry. The decision to recognize the nuclear power industry was strongly lobbied by France - where the share of nuclear power plants is the highest in the energy balance, as well as by the countries of Eastern Europe, since their balance will not converge without this industry. This decision will be important, as it can give a new impetus to the nuclear industry.

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But the news of this caused a resonance, suddenly, in Germany. The Berliner Zeitung reports that Vice-Chancellor Habek (from the Green Party) and Environment Minister Lemke (also from the Green Party) have strongly reacted to this decision:

I think it is absolutely wrong that the European Commission intends to include nuclear power in the EU taxonomy on sustainable economic activity. It is wrong to label nuclear energy as “sustainable” with respect to this high-risk technology. Nuclear energy, a form of energy that can lead to devastating environmental disasters and leave behind large amounts of hazardous highly radioactive waste, “cannot be sustainable.

Actually, it is not surprising that the German greens in the government oppose the nuclear power industry and appeal to its danger (i.e., Chernobyl and Fukushima), and the party has consistently fought the nuclear industry in any form since its founding in the 80s. Germany itself, let me remind you, after Fukushima, by the willful decision of Merkel, decided to completely abandon nuclear power plants and start actively investing in renewable energy and solar power plants. True, on this path, the Germans faced many problems and their power system largely survived them thanks to the recharge from the French nuclear power plants, which more than once caused gloating, including among the French themselves.

Since the Greens are now part of the German government, their opinion, at least, will be taken into account, as a maximum - it will become the basis for Germany's opposition to the plans of Brussels. If Germany becomes the main frontier of the EU, it will be mega-ironic, since for a long time it was Germany that was the driver of rallying European countries around the EU institutions.

EU Taxonomy: Draft Nuclear and Gas Activities Law