Moldova - Slussar on the rise in fuel prices: There is a cartel conspiracy. The Competition Council is powerless

Moldova (, - The rise in fuel prices is evidence of a cartel conspiracy of the country's largest oil companies. This is how the former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and MP of Platform DA, Alexander Slusari, comments on the sharp increase in fuel prices, reports.

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According to Slusar, oil companies unreasonably raised the price of gasoline by 59-60 baht and diesel by 30-31 baht, citing a less compelling reason, such as an increase in excise taxes.

“Since January 1, excise taxes have been increased. I know for sure that all fuel imports were carried out by the three main importers at the end of December, who paid the old excise taxes at customs. For the next 2 weeks, new excise taxes should not be reflected in fuel prices. But the smart guys decided that the Moldovans need to pay extra 0.54 lei for a liter of gasoline and 0.24 lei for a liter of diesel fuel somewhere, ”Slusar wrote.

According to Slusar, the Competition Council was supposed to go to the offices of oil companies today, where it would request the latest customs declarations for the import of fuel and the latest documents for the payment of excise taxes.

“Thus, one could see that there is a synchronous and unjustified increase in fuel prices. It is necessary to fine the oil companies that participated in this cartel agreement. But the Competition Council, “decapitated” since August 11, is still powerless, ”Slusar also wrote.

He also recalled the statements of PDS MP Dumitru Alaiba, who had previously stated that by the end of 2021 another regulatory body would be created that could replace the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) and the Competition Council.

“Dumitru Alaiba, who promised us by the end of 2021 the emergence of another strong regulatory body, God forbid, which would replace the Competition Council and ANRE, is also silent. In fact, after 5 months of promises, we have a failed "reform", a non-functioning Competition Council and monopoly groups that play with prices as they want, and the people of this country, who are struggling to pay for the incompetence and abuse of some politicians, ”concluded Alexander Slusar.

Moldova - Slussar on the rise in fuel prices: There is a cartel conspiracy. The Competition Council is powerless