Moldovan President Sandu secretly convened the Security Council:

Moldova ( - As it has become fashionable here recently, without any media notification, the President of Moldova Sandu suddenly held a meeting of the Supreme Security Council on Tuesday.

Macron spoke with Putin on the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus

The surprise meeting "discussed the situation in the country's energy sector, which has emerged as a result of the recent significant increase in gas prices on the European market."

The head of the Supreme Security Council, Maia Sandu, has not previously reported anything about the need for an emergency convocation of the SCF on this topic.

Why the meeting was so sudden and practically secret was not explained to the stinkers.

But observers see parallels between the WSS meeting in Moldova and the events in Kazakhstan, where protests continue over the rise in gas prices for consumers. In Moldova, after all, how: soon payments for December will begin to arrive, and it, in comparison with November, was much colder.

The second nuance, because of which the Moldovan authorities should be worried, is the statement of the former head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Andrei Kobolev. According to him, Ukraine will have to steal Russian gas from the transit pipe if Naftogaz cannot ensure sufficient fuel imports to cover daily deficits.

Needless to say, we, the Moldovans, are following on the transit pipe. And if Russia shuts off gas to Ukraine by launching Nord Stream 2, Moldova will have a hard time.

Mamalyga, of course, does not explode, but, as the events of 2009 showed, anything can happen.

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Moldovan President Sandu secretly convened the Security Council: