Russia - Former Kremlin chef Viktor Belyaev dies in Yekaterinburg

Russia (, - In Yekaterinburg, at the age of 65, Viktor Belyaev, a former Kremlin chef and president of the Russian National Association of Culinary Specialists, has died.

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The loss was reported on the NAK website, where they called the deceased "a good mentor, an excellent colleague, an excellent friend and the kindest cook." Colleagues noted that Belyaev "was a man without hypocrisy, correct and true to his work."

Oleg Ponomarev, vice-president of the Association of Culinary Specialists and Restaurateurs of the Sverdlovsk Region, expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, calling the loss irreparable.

The reasons and circumstances of the death of the former chef were not specified.


Viktor Borisovich Belyaev was born in 1957 in Norilsk. After graduating from the Moscow professional culinary school, he was assigned to the then best metropolitan restaurant "Prague", where he fell into a group of chefs who worked during large state receptions in the Kremlin.

After the war, he received an offer to work permanently as a cook at the Kremlin special kitchen of the USSR Council of Ministers. There they prepared for the top officials of the state, fed and served the leaders of foreign countries who came on an official visit.

In the Kremlin, Viktor Belyaev worked for 30 years, having worked his way up from a cook to the general director of the Kremlin food factory.

Russia - Former Kremlin chef Viktor Belyaev dies in Yekaterinburg