Estonian MP called her country petty evil provocateur

Member of the Estonian parliament from the ruling coalition Oudekka Loone on Facebook demanded that the Minister of Defense stop provocations against Russia /

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"Mr. Minister of Defense, please make sure that your bureaucrats do not take steps that seriously damage Estonia's diplomatic positions!" - writes Loone.

She stated that Estonia has no right to violate the Minsk agreements and supply weapons to Ukraine.

“One gets the impression that some of the employees of our Ministry of Defense want, albeit indirectly, to get involved in a war with Russia. To demonstrate to Europe and the United States that we care about Ukraine, knowing in advance that we will not get their consent, is also a so-so diplomatic strategy. The only message here from our side is that Estonia is a petty evil provocateur, ”Loone wrote.

Earlier, the Estonian Defense Ministry announced plans to supply Javelin and howitzers to Ukraine.

Estonian MP called her country petty evil provocateur