Poland Signs Agreements With Contractors To Install Border Fences

The Polish Border Guard has signed agreements with three contractors to build a fence on the border with Belarus, Deputy Interior Minister of Poland Maciej Wonsik said at a January 4 briefing.

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The length of the fence will be 186 kilometers (the total length of the border between the two countries is 418 kilometers, but most of it goes along the Bug River). It will require 50 tons of steel. It is known that construction will be carried out simultaneously on four sections of the border. Earlier it became known that Warsaw intends to erect a five-meter-high fence equipped with modern surveillance equipment on the border with Belarus. 1.5 billion zlotys (about 370 million dollars) will be allocated from the budget for the project.

The question of building a fence has become acute after the exacerbation of the migration crisis. Since November 8, thousands of migrants from the territory of Belarus have made repeated attempts to break through the border into Poland in order to enter Germany. In total, in 2021, there were about forty thousand attempts by illegal migrants to enter the territory of Poland.

Poland Signs Agreements With Contractors To Install Border Fences