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Gas price cut in Kazakh city amid protests

Authorities in the Kazakh city of Aktobe (located in the west of the country) have lowered the price of liquefied gas to 50 tenge ($ 0.11) after people protested against the increase in fuel prices. The press service of the Aktobe administration wrote about this on Instagram.

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The press service said that the participants in the peaceful rally demanded that the executive body of Aktobe resolve two issues.

“The first is the release of those detained during the rally. This demand has been fulfilled - the detainees have been released, ”it was reported.

Also, the protesters demanded a reduction in the price of liquefied gas.

“This requirement has also been met - the price of liquefied gas has been reduced to 50 tenge,” the press service added.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that protesters were trying to storm the building of the akimat (administration) of the regional center of the Kazakh city of Aktau.

On January 2, in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan, motorists went to protest actions against the rise in gas prices for cars. The police tried to disperse the demonstrators and used force against them.

In the west of Kazakhstan, for several days, mass protests have not subsided due to the rise in prices for liquefied gas. Since the New Year, the cost of gas at local gas stations has increased dramatically. If last year its retail price in this region was 50-60 tenge per liter (about 10 rubles), then since the beginning of this year prices at local gas stations have increased to 120 tenge per liter (about 21 rubles).

Gas price cut in Kazakh city amid protests